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Daniel Greenfield is an Israeli-born artist, writer and freelance commentator on political affairs with a special focus on Jewish concerns and the war on terror.

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Carter’s Hatred of Jews Grows Plainer than Ever
Filed under Anti-Semitism, Jewish diaspora, Opinion Editorials, Jewish organisations worldwide, USA foreign policy, US elections – on Friday, May 02, 2008 – By: Greenfield, Daniel

( Jan 2007 ) It was well known over the years that Jimmy Carter hated Jews. Nevertheless he had no shortage of Jews who associated with him, protected him and defended him because of his liberal politics and activism.
At last Carter went far enough that some of those Jews are backing away from him and speaking out and more importantly the media is actually listening to some who had been critical of him before but were silenced by the press consensus, both the general media and Jewish publications, that a Democratic President is untouchable.
In addition to the revelation that Carter had intervened on behalf of a Nazi war criminal, we have this latest revelation which demonstrates just how conventionally Anti-Semitic Carter’s bigotry was. It was never about Israel. It was always about the Jews.

“Former President Jimmy Carter once complained there were “too many Jews” on the government’s Holocaust Memorial Council, Monroe Freedman, the council’s former executive director, told WND in an exclusive interview.
Freedman, who served on the council during Carter’s term as president, also revealed a noted Holocaust scholar who was a Presbyterian Christian was rejected from the council’s board by Carter’s office because the scholar’s name “sounded too Jewish.”
Freedman says he was tasked with creating a board for the council and with making recommendations to the White House on how best to memorialize the Holocaust. He sent a memo to Carter’s office containing recommendations for council board members. He said his memo was returned with a note on the upper right hand corner that stated, “Too many Jews.”
The note, Freedman said, was written in Carter’s handwriting and was initialed by Carter.
He said at the behest of the White House he composed another board consisting of more non-Jews. But he said he was “stunned” when Carter’s office objected to a non-Jew whose name sounded Jewish.
“I got a phone call from our liaison at the White House saying this particular historian whose name sounded Jewish would not do. The liaison said he would not even take the time to present Carter with the possibility of including the historian on the board because he knew Carter would think the name sounded too Jewish. I explained the historian is Presbyterian, but the liaison said it wouldn’t matter to Carter.”
It’s not much of a revelation that someone as frenziedly determined to go after Jews as Jimmy Carter had demonstrated himself to be, also harbored this level of bigotry. After all Carter supported the PLO even writing actual speeches for Arafat. Some put this down to his liberal politics, but as is often the case with bigots, the ‘politics’ were just a cover for the bigotry underneath. And lest anyone find this shocking Carter still comes off mild compared to President Truman not that long before him, whose wife wouldn’t even permit Jews in the house.
Still it makes things increasingly unambiguous for the remaining Jewish Carter Center members and his Jewish supporters, they can no longer continue to hide behind the fiction that Carter is just expressing his passionate liberal activism. They’ve dug themselves in this far and they have the choice between breaking free or continuing to defend a bigot.
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