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Filed under: Peace Plans, News
On: Sunday, January 13, 2008 – By: Israel e News

President Bush has called on Arab nations to help Palestinian leaders reach a peace agreement with Israel, and to work toward a larger reconciliation with the Jewish state.
Mr. Bush made the comments in his weekly radio address delivered from Kuwait Saturday during a tour of the region. He said the United States will do all it can to encourage negotiations, but he said the international community has a responsibility to support the peace effort as well.
The president said he believes leaders can reach an agreement defining a Palestinian state this year, but he said the United States cannot impose such a deal. He said he will urge Arab leaders in the Gulf to do their part, during his visits to their nations over the next few days.
Mr. Bush met with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Jerusalem and Ramallah earlier this week as part of his Mideast tour.


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