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Obama Born In Kenya? His Grandmother Says Yes
Filed under Opinion Editorials, Media objectivity, USA foreign policy, US elections, Law and courts – on Monday, October 13, 2008 – By: Yonah, Tamar

Someone is lying. According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims. His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room. -This, according to several news sites and Pennsylvania attorney Philip J. Berg (see video below) who is, surprisingly, a life long democrat himself. Berg is the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and he has an impressive background in his activities as a democrat, but his support for the party seemingly stops when it comes to his trust in Barack Hussein Obama.
Many U.S. voters are suspicious of the Democratic candidate’s past, and Berg filed a lawsuit to force Barack Hussein Obama to produce a certified copy of his original birth certificate to prove that he can run for the office of President of the United States. However, he is being fought. The DNC On Sept. 24 filed a motion to dismiss the Berg action. Why? What is there to hide? Why not produce the original birth certificate and be done with all the suspicions against Barack Hussein Obama?
A few months back, a birth certificate WAS posted on the internet which shows that Obama was born in Hawaii. Yet some say this birth certificate is a forgery and again, his grandmother states that she was present at the birth, in Kenya. So what is the truth?
One explanation is that Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, flew to Kenya in 1961 with Obama’s father to meet his family. According to some news reports, Ann Dunham, was not accepted well by her husband’s family because she was white:
“Obama’s family did not take to Stanley Ann Dunham Obama very well, because she was white, according to Sarah Obama. Shortly after she arrived in Kenya Stanley Ann decided to return to Hawaii because she later said, she did not like how Muslim men treated their wives in Kenya. However, because she was near term the airline would not let her fly until after the birth of her baby. Obama’s grandmother said the baby—Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.—was born in Kenya and that shortly after he was born, Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii.”
However, by the time she wanted to leave Kenya, it was during the late stages of her pregnancy. She was not able to board a plane because the airlines wouldn’t allow women so close to birth to fly. It is instead believed, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya as his grandmother apparently stated. Then, after he was born, his mother returned with him to Hawaii where his birth was REGISTERED on or about August 8th, 1961, in the public records office in Hawaii.
There is also a discrepancy in what hospital Barack Hussein Obama was born in, even if he was born in Hawaii. Reports by his own sister in two separate interviews state that he was born at two different hospitals— Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital–in Honolulu.
The Times Herald even reports: “the senator’s grandmother, brother and sister, who live in Kenya, believe they were present during Obama’s birth in the African country.” Here, the Times Herald uses the word that his family ‘believe’ he was born in Kenya (perhaps to avoid possible law suits by Obama’s Truth Squad?).
Watch this interesting and important video clip.
I myself, not wanting to believe what I see, did some searching around, and this is what I came up with:
Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at the Kapiolani Medical Center.
and here it says:
Barack Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Centeron 4 August 1961.
So which hospital was it, or was he really born in Kenya? And why is this simple matter so confusing and disturbing? Do the search your self and plug in these key words:
Obama born Queen’s Medical Center and then Obama born Kapiolani Medical Center in a Google search. You will see he is reported to be born in two diferent hospitals. A miracle! Maybe he IS the Messiah (grin).
What’s so hard about knowing something so simple as which hospital or country someone was born in? And if it is simple, then why doesn’t Barack Hussein Obama just present the court with his original birth certificate to be analysed and proven? The onus of proof is on him, not the American public of which he wants their trust in him to be their leader.
So, who is lying? Barack? His grandmother? His sister? Someone is.
p.s. Dr. Jerome Corsi will be on my show today (Sunday) where I will be interviewing him about his recent trip to Kenya to promote his new book, The Obama Nation, and to see if he can find Obama’s birth certificate. Instead, he was arrested, held at gunpoint and deported from Kenya. He’s back in the States now and wants to talk. Listen to the showwhich airs at 9am eastern time.
The opinions and views articulated by the author do not necessarily reflect those of Israel e News.

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Obama born in Kenya,
  sunryse – Atlanta-United States – 10/13/2008- 2:41:44 AM GMT
madmilker – possum hollow-United States – 10/13/2008- 3:30:41 AM GMT
Someone is lying,
  Koyaan – Sacramento-United States – 10/13/2008- 3:52:26 AM GMT
Obama is a liar,
Diomedea – Portland-United States – 10/13/2008- 6:04:45 AM GMT
RE:Someone is lying,
Diomedea – Portland-United States – 10/13/2008- 6:19:52 AM GMT
RE:RE:Someone is lying,
  Koyaan – Sacramento-United States – 10/13/2008- 6:50:57 AM GMT
You need to check factcheck.org,
davidB – Reston-United States – 10/13/2008- 11:48:35 AM GMT
What would you do?,
mosborne – Vancouver-Canada – 10/13/2008- 12:21:03 PM GMT
Obama TRUTH,
addamstaft – Chicago-United States – 10/13/2008- 2:38:59 PM GMT
My New Video: “Obama & Odinga: Cousins of The Ken,
dochayes – Houston-United States – 10/14/2008- 12:41:03 AM GMT
Predicto on Obamo!,
yonipar – Brooklyn-United States – 10/14/2008- 3:12:31 PM GMT
usual nonsense, shows how desperate,
  zaynab – London-United Kingdom – 10/14/2008- 3:22:58 PM GMT
jbjdjbjd – newton-United States – 10/14/2008- 6:52:43 PM GMT
Video regarding Obamam,
nana49 – Reno-United States – 10/14/2008- 9:39:57 PM GMT
how funny,
  ameshkin – blah-United States – 11/22/2008- 12:10:00 AM GMT
Barack Obama Was Not Born In Hawaii,
lchow – Honolulu-United States – 12/31/2008- 6:17:35 AM GMT
enough is enough,
  fnikm – —-United States – 12/31/2008- 7:52:56 AM GMT
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