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Sarah Posner is an investigative journalist covering the activities of conservative Evangelicals.
She has written for The American Prospect, The Washington Spectator, Alternet, and The Gadflyer. She also writes The FundamentaList, which counts down the week’s top news about the religious right, for The American Prospect Web
Sarah Posner is the author of God’s Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters, a book about televangelists in American politics which was published by PoliPoint Press in 2008

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Philo-Semitism During the High Holidays: Loving the Jews to Death, Again
Filed under Israeli politics, Christian Zionism, Jewish diaspora, Opinion Editorials, USA foreign policy, Missionising, US elections, Christian Fundamentalism – on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 – By: Posner, Sarah

The American Prospect – The FundamentaList
It’s that time of year — the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur on the Jewish calendar — when my inbox gets filled with exhortations from the philo-semites of the evangelical world who believe these holidays foretell the time when we Jews will be blinded by the light at Armageddon and become followers of Jesus.
If we don’t, well, good luck with the brimstone and all that.
Pastor Arnold — he of the Esther prophecy — points us to prophecy at the Rosh Hashanah celebration of Eagles’ Wings ministries. Eagles’ Wings’ founder, Robert Stearns, is a director of Christians United for Israel, and the co-founder of the Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. The Day to Pray is a Christian Zionist prayer gathering that takes place annually the first Sunday of October, intentionally close to Yom Kippur. The stated purpose of the Day to Pray, which has been endorsed by many of the most influential evangelicals in America, is “to fervently pray to hasten the day when He brings fulfillment to His word.”
The Rosh Hashanah prophecy at Eagles’ Wings was that “No. 2” would be more important for the outcome of the election and that Ohio would “tip the scale.” For Arnold, this was evidence that his Ohio-based, Palin-centric “Agree in Prayer” movement “really is a God thing.”
Palin’s “Chosen Vessels of God.”
Just hours before last week’s vice-presidential debate, Stephen Strang, founder of the Charisma publishing giant, highlighted an account by an Ohio pastor who claimed to have had a revelation of Palin as Esther. Pastor Mark Arnold, of Life Covenant Church in Monroe, Ohio, approached Todd and Sarah Palin at a campaign stop in Lebanon, Ohio, and made them cry with his prophecy of Palin as Esther.
Arnold claims that God told him to tell Palin, who encountered him in the rope line, that “God wants you to know that you are a present day Esther!” Palin, Arnold says, immediately began to cry. “The news and nay-sayers and criticizers are going to be very hateful toward you,” Arnold continued, “and in the days ahead they are going to turn up the heat … but do not fear.” You are a “present day Esther,” Arnold told Palin, and God “has chosen you to reign.” Then Arnold made Todd Palin cry, too, and McCain shook his hand and gave him a “deep look of understanding.” Sure.
“When I got to my car I sat there for quite a long time,” Arnold concluded, “knowing the GOD of the Universe had just used me to deliver a message confirming to Sarah and Todd to realize they are truly chosen vessels of God.”
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