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Bruce Wilson is co-founder of Talk To Action, an online publication that monitors the Christian Right.
In May 2008 Wilson wrote about a video he compiled of controversial McCain endorser John Hagee’s anti-Semitic speech. His follow up essay at The KailyKos demonstrates how a lone blogger inadvertently altered the course of a US presidential election.
Wilson’s four minute video God Sent Hitler, Jews Have Dead Souls caused a national furor when the mainstream media picked up the story a week later, forcing McCain to reject Hagee’s endorsement.

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Hagee`s Beliefs Concerning Jews and Israel: Sourced Quotes at Your Fingertips
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A Talk To Action friend who researches John Hagee and who chooses to remain, for now, anonymous, has sent this superbly researched, sourced compendium of John Hagee quotes.
Here’s the introduction:
Hagee Quotes form Sermons, Books, and Other Media
Hagee states that until the time of their acceptance of Jesus, Jews are physically alive but not spiritually alive. Jews are spiritually blind and deaf. Hagee teaches in his book Jerusalem Countdown, published in 2006 and a corresponding series of three sermons, that Jews are physically alive but not spiritually alive. He asks how they will be brought to spiritual life. He answers that Russia will command an army including the combined forces of Arab states (in which he includes Persia), and this army will attack Israel. Five-sixths of this army will be destroyed in a great battle proving that Jesus is the messiah. This explanation comes right after the “fishers and hunters” segment in Sermon #3 in the Jerusalem, Countdown Crisis series.

Hagee’s Written & Stated Beliefs Concerning Jews and Israel
Page 171, Jerusalem Countdown
Romans 11:32 states that, “God has committed them all to disobedience.” This verse means that God locked the Jewish people up in unbelief.
Page 174, Jerusalem Countdown.
“When will the divinely imparted spiritual blindness upon the Jewish people end concerning the identity of Jesus Christ as Messiah? This spiritual blindness will end when Christ returns to earth and they see the scars on His hands from the crucifixion.”
Pages 175, Jerusalem Countdown.
“Gentiles come to Christ by the propagation of the gospel. I have preached in auditoriums, churches, cathedrals, football stadiums, and to a massive audience in Nigeria of more than three million in the open air. When you preach the Gospel to Gentiles, it is that hundreds and often thousands respond to the invitation to receive Christ. This is the power of the gospel and the message of proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
This is not true of the Jewish people, who have been judicially blinded to the identity of the Messiah.”
Hagee states that the Jews’ own rebellion is the source of their destruction.

This is also a theme that is continued throughout Hagee’s sermons and books.
Jerusalem Countdown, paperback version, Page 56

“It was the disobedience and rebellion of the Jews, God’s chose people, to their covenantal responsibility to serve the only the one true God, Jehovah, that gave rise to the opposition and persecution that they experienced beginning in Canaan and continuing to this very day.”
Hagee spreads Jewish based Federal Reserve Conspiracy and New World Order Conspiracy Theories

Hagee and others in the Christian Zionist movement repeatedly refer to Jewish-based Federal Reserve and New World Order conspiracy theories in their books, sermons, and media. Their material is strikingly similar to the overtly anti-Semitic material of the extremist far right and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” They appear to get away with this due to their “pro-Israel” stance and due to the fact that much of their conspiracy theory is set in a prophetic future.
In Hagee’s book, Day of Deception, Chapter 3, titled “Who Controls America” Hagee discusses the New World Order and the Illuminati, alternating back and forth between Federal Reserve conspiracy theory and prophecies of what will happen in the future under the rule of the Antichrist. Hagee’s most frequently quoted source for this chapter is Pat Robertson’s New World Order, which was published in 1991 and was successful in reviving and mainstreaming New World Order conspiracy theories.
Day of Deception Page 51
“The Federal Reserve has never been audited, and yet it controls the value of money in this country…While most of the stockholders are members of the so-called Eastern Establishment, allegedly the four largest stockholders are not even Americans but members of the Rothschild family of Europe.”

God says in the book of Haggai, “The silver is mine, and gold is mine.” He is not controlled by the Eastern Establishment, He’s not controlled by the Rothschilds…”
This book also includes a chapter titled “America Under a Curse.” In Chapter 5, Hagee subdivides this chapter into a number of curses, including “The Curse on America.”
Hagee’s futuristic prophecy includes a holocaust in which the born again Christians are the victims of persecution by the unsaved who are left behind, clearly including Catholics and Jews as the villains.

Hagee’s version of the “Left Behind” video is titled “Vanished” and was released in 2001.
In this video Hagee is talking to those who have been left behind after the Rapture to explain what is happening to them. The film goes from the Rapture to the Great Tribulation and the rule of the Antichrist, a former head of the European Union. A false peace treaty is signed by Israel. While there are many insulting scenes to Judaism and Catholicism in the movie, some of the most disturbing are those picturing a repetition of Kristillnacht, the Nazi attack on hundreds of synagogues and Jewish businesses in November 1938. However, in this video, as in many of the Endtimes books and media, the born again Christians of the Tribulation are the “new Jews.” In Hagee’s futuristic version it is the churches that are burning, New Testaments in the fire, and Christians being beaten and killed by those who are left behind. The “left behind” who are led by the antichrist to kill the Christians are clearly gays, Jews, and Catholics, and people of other faiths or no faith. Subtle but clear clues exist throughout the movie on whom and what Hagee sees as evil.
Hagee’s version of the future Holocaust can be viewed at about minutes 37:50 – 43:00.
In the still shots below churches are burning around the world and New Testaments are thrown into bonfires.     
Page 169, From Daniel to Doomsday on the purposes of the Tribulation.

“There are several purposes, and the first is to bring Israel to the place where she will recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah. …

The second purpose… is to judge the Gentile nations for their efforts to exterminate the nation of Israel….

A third purpose of the Tribulation is to allow a Christ-rejecting world to personally experience the sorrow and suffering created by Satan’s evil empire. Just as salt preserves meat, the world has been preserved by faithful Christian living in it, but after the Rapture all Christians will be gone. The Holy Spirit will no longer be restraining the forces of evil.

A fourth purpose for the Tribulation if for God’s wrath to be poured out on all who have rejected the gospel. Physical suffering will be so great that men will want to die, but they cannot.”
Hagee accuses Hillel of organizing the attacks on Jesus.

In Final Dawn Over Jerusalem, Hagee claims that it was Hillel who instigated the attacks on Jesus.

Page 87

Hillel was an extremist teaching that a man could divorce his wife “for every cause.” According to Hillel, a husband could divorce his wife for talking too loudly… The followers of Jesus were constantly trying to lure Jesus into this raging doctrinal dispute…From that moment on Jesus was seen as a living devil to the Pharisees who followed Hillel. They plotted to have him killed.”
Hagee Christianizes all of the Jewish holidays and gives them apocalyptic themes.

In Final Dawn over Jerusalem, Chapter 9, Hagee turns all of the Jewish holidays into prophetic Christian events. For instance Yom Kippur becomes the date of the second coming of Christ (not the Rapture) which will be 2,520 days after Israel signs a peace treaty with the Antichrist. He describes Yom Kippur as representing the fulfillment of reconciliation between God and his chosen people after Jesus destroys the Antichrist.
Hagee transforms his rhetoric when he writes for a Jewish audience.

Hagee published In Defense of Israel in 2007 after founding Christians United for Israel (CUFI).
This book is an enormous departure from his other supernatural and violent apocalyptic prophecies. He was aware that he would draw a Jewish audience for this book. On page 101, in a list of Jewish accomplishments, Hagee includes Paul Warburg as the founder of the Federal Reserve Banking System. This is curious considering his diatribe against the Federal Reserve in pages 49 – 52, of the chapter titled, “Who Controls America,” in his book Day of Deception, published 1997.
The following quote is also curious considering the hundreds of pages and televised sermons where Hagee has prophesied the coming Tribulation and the graphic and violent horrors that will be encountered by the Jews and all nonbelievers of that time. He has made his fame and fortune on these apocalyptic prophesy teachings.
Page 179, In Defense of Israel

It is my call for fifty million evangelicals to join forces with the five million Jews in America to stand up and speak for Israel – that is a match made in heaven. We are spiritual brothers and our future together should be one of compassion and cooperation until Messiah comes and the enemies of Israel are defeated and we enter the golden age of peace.
Hagee televises internationally his vision of a greater Israel that will spread to the Euphrates.

Page 195, Jerusalem Countdown, includes a map of the greater Israel to come. Hagee and other dispensationalists commonly use maps in their internationally televised sermons and media illustrating a greater Israel that often stretches as far as the Nile and the Euphrates. 

This map has a credit underneath to the Clarence Larkin Estate. Larkin was an early dispensationalist famous for his drawings of dispensational themes and timelines. One series concerned the use of the Pyramids as a prophetic guide to the Endtimes.
The Battle for Jerusalem

Page 236

In modern terms, Israel rightfully owns all of present-day Israel, all of Lebanon, half of Syria, two-thirds of Jordan, all of Iraq, and the northern portion of Saudi Arabia.
-Hagee believes that the Bible prophesies nuclear war and that nuclear war and the destruction of much of the world’s population is necessary for the fulfillment of prophecy.

In Jerusalem Countdown and the corresponding series of sermons, Jerusalem, Countdown to Crisis, Hagee teaches that nuclear war is a fulfillment of prophecy and that the coming nuclear destruction is necessary. On Global Evangelism Television, the sermon series and book were advertised as warning of the coming nuclear showdown that would be initiated by Iran and of the Pentagon’s contingency plan to use nuclear weapons against at least seven countries. Hagee also claims in both the book and sermon series that Iran has the capability to drop plutonium over the United States that will shut down all electrical power for long periods of time. Anyone who attempts to negotiate a human peace is deluded by the devil and the Antichrist, and slurs against any type of diplomacy are found throughout his books.

Hagee Pushes For War
Hagee Spreads Fear By Concocting Technologically Improbable and Impossible Threats
Page 28, Jeruslamem Countdown
“A fake satellite crossing over America at the height of 280 miles suddenly explodes over the Great Plains of the United States, releasing several pounds of enriched plutonium blanketing the United States of America with gamma rays. Instantly, in one-billionth of a second, all electrical power is cut off instantly, and cut off for months.
…Can Iran do it? Our government says yes.”
From Daniel to Doomsday, Page 190
We also know the Antichrist will enter the world stage with a reputation of being a powerful man of peace. Perhaps he will be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. ….
Chapter 10 Ezekiel’s War: The Russians are Coming, Page 105 paperback version
God is going to drag Russia into Israel. Why? Throughout its history, Russia has been anti-Semitic and, in its final form, will be led by a dictator who will lead an Arab coalition of nations to crush Israel.”
Hagee does not believe in a human peace for Israel and sees any attempt at peace as conspiracy with the Antichrist.

This is a theme that is repeated over and over in Hagee’s books and sermons as well as those of other apocalyptic dispensationalists.
Jerusalem Countdown, page 51, under a paragraph titled, `Jerusalem, City of Peace,’ “Lasting peace will not come until Messiah comes.”
In Hagee’s movie, “Vanished,” Israel is lured into a false peace with the Antichrist,
the only human peace that Hagee believes Jewish Israelis will ever experience. In the following shot from that video, a Jewish rabbi and Catholic priest express their approval of the new peace under the Antichrist. The futuristic portrayals of the New World Order in the time of the Antichrist have an eerie resemblance to historic anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. [Chapter 6, Minute 25:32]

Hagee gleefully contemplates the brutal annihilation of his enemies.

In Final Dawn over Jerusalem Hagee discusses the beginning of the 1000 year reign of Jesus which he believes will start at a Sukkot holiday. In this chapter Hagee continues to give a Christian apocalyptic meaning to all of the Jewish religious holidays. Hagee takes great glee in the humiliation, repentance and violent destruction of his enemies in the endtimes.
Page 167-168, Final Dawn over Jerusalem

“When 6,000 years pass and that Sukkot moment has come, Jesus 1,000 year reign will begin. We can forget the frustration we feel every time we turn on the television and watched the evening news. We’ll trade in the condom culture and politically correct madhouse for paradise. This AIDS-infected, abortion-loving, pornography-addicted, secular-humanist sewer will disappear as Jesus Christ redeems the entire creation.”
Hagee Spreads ‘Satanic Panic’
Hagee claims that public officials in the US are hiding evidence of mass killings of babies by Satanists.
Hagee also claims to save woman by removing dragon figures from her home.

Hagee writes in Day of Deception that satanic ritual killings are happening all over America, all of the time, and that they are covered up by hospitals and police. This book also features a story by Hagee where he saves a woman by removing a dragon from her home.
Page 177
“Female Satanists breed themselves to give birth to children for ritual offerings. Doctors in the satanic groups deliver the baby, filing no birth certificate. As far as the state is concerned, the person never existed… The baby is ritually slaughtered, cremated, and the fat is used to make candles for satanic worship at a later date….”
Page 178
“The most disturbing reason that you don’t read more about the epidemic in your local newspaper is because some publishers, city fathers, and even police officers are occasionally involved in some occult practice themselves.”
Page 102
“There was a woman in my church years ago who was experiencing a living nightmare…. I visited the woman at home and saw that the entire inside of the home was filled with statues of dragons. The Bible says that Satan is “that old dragon, the devil.” I told her, “Lady, it is my belief that if you recognize Satan in any way, with statues, with the occult, with witchcraft, with mind control, with Eastern philosophies, then Satan has a legal right for his demon powers to live in your house. He has a legal right to claim your life, your soul, and your children. And I recommend that you throw them out, and it now.”
She did, and I can tell you that her life turned around immediately and permanently, because she obeyed the Word of God.
Hagee, John, The Battle for Jerusalem, Thomas Nelson, Inc. 2001
Hagee, John, Beginning of the End, Thomas Nelson, Inc. 1996
Hagee, John, From Daniel to Doomsday, Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1999
Hagee, John, Day of Deception, , Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1997
Hagee, John, In Defense of Israel, Frontline, A Strang Company, 2007
Hagee, John, Final Dawn over Jerusalem, Thomas Nelson, Inc. 1998
Hagee, John, Jerusalem Countdown, Frontline, a Strang Company, 2006
Jerusalem: Countdown to Crisis, Sermons #1, #2, #3, Global Evangelism Television, 2006
Vanished, Director: Andre Van Heerden, Perf. John Hagee, Cloud Ten Pictures, DVD 2002

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