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Ami Ortiz updates: Media bias and slanted reporting finds Orthodox Jews guilty
Filed under: Judaism, Christian Zionism, Crime, Media objectivity, News, Missionising, Children, Israeli minorities, Israeli society
On: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 – By: Israel e News

Channel 1 helps to fan the flames on the Ortiz case
In case you missed it: Channel 1 Yoman Shishi May 30th, produced by Amir Gera, had coverage of the Ortiz explosion.
This report is disturbing, very slanted and problematic. A very heartrending report with no additional evidence.
Amir incorrectly connects the Or Yehuda collection and burning of missionary material with purported Orthodox violence. But the the burning of materials did not occur on Lag’ B’Omer (It was 3 -4 days before- maybe more). Is the clip used from an actual Lag’B’Omer bonfire -and not of the burning of missionary materials?
Part 1
Part 2
Also note that Calev Myers is no longer the lawyer being featured on the Ortiz case.
Maybe drop the producer of the show an email, write him, or call him to request clarification:
Amir Gera
Gera Productions
Kehilat Venezia 2
Tel Aviv 69400
Tel: (972-3) 647-4267
Fax: (972-3) 605-2266
[email protected]

For the record, up until a couple of weeks before his arrival in Israel in April, Pastor Hagee and his wife appeared on the endorsement page of Maoz Israel (the endorsement disappeared just in time for his trip here).
Michael Little of CBN and Executive Board member of CUFI continues to endorse Maoz (Jack Hayford does, too).
Persecution Against Israeli Believers Turns Lethal
Maoz Israel Monthly Report: June 2008
Four-page article in weekend magazine of Hebrew daily newspaper, Maariv.
There is an organization in Israel called “Yad L’achim” which has one purpose for its existence – to persecute and destroy the Messianic movement and Christian organizations in Israel. It has deep connections within all governmental institutions…
..If Yad L’achim is found guilty (a very very big “if”) of planting this bomb at the Ortiz’ home, then it would be a great victory for justice and democracy if this violent group were classified as a terrorist organization in the U.S., thus preventing them from soliciting tax deductible funds. Drying up their stream of money from America of course would restrict much of their activities.

No suspects have been detained or arrests made
Israel’s Messianic Jews Draw Ire of Orthodox Jews
Christian Post Wed, Jun. 11
In the past few months, Orthodox Jews have been responsible for a malicious bomb attack that severely injured and disfigured a 15-year-old pastor’s son, and the burning of hundreds of copies of the New Testament.
Rev. Richard Cizik is a senior editorial advisor of the Christian Post and Vice President of Governmental Affairs, National Association of Evangelicals
Cizik also sits on board of The Jerusalem Connection International with people like:
MK Rabbi Benny Elon
Member The Knesset of Israel
General Shimon Erem (Ret.)
Pres. The Israel-Christian Nexus
Ambassador Yoram Ettinger
President, US-Israel Opportunities, LTD
Morton A. Klein
National President, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)
Rabbi Daniel Lapin –
President of Toward Tradition
Esther Levens
President & CEO, The National Unity Coalition for Israel
Herbert Zwelbon
Chairman, Americans For A Safe Israel
Rabbi Dr. Gerald M. Meister
Advisor at the Foreign Ministry of Israel for Israel-
And these executive board members and regional directors of CUFI:
Michael D. Little President-CEO,
The Christian Broadcasting Network Inc.
Rev. James M. Hutchens, Ph.D., Editor & Publisher
Chaplain (Brigadier General) U.S. Army (Ret.)
So maybe if you have contact with any of the above illustrious board members, and champions of Israel-Evangelical relations, you will tell them to call their friend Rev.Cizik and request that they tell him to rein in the propaganda coming out of the Christian Post which has as it’s banner:
“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”
(John 8:32)
Read more about the Christian Post and their beliefs at:

Israel’s Messianic Jews Under Attack
By Tim McGirk/Ariel Time Magazine Friday, Jun. 06, 2008
Ortiz didn’t give it a thought. His Jewish neighbors liked him, and so did Ariel’s mayor, who found Ortiz, originally from Brooklyn, useful in recruiting funds and political support from American and German Evangelicals for this stone-clad settlement on a breezy hilltop inside Palestinian territory.
But somebody disliked Ortiz and his beliefs enough to try to kill him and his family. By chance, Ortiz and his wife Leah were gone on March 20th when an unknown person dropped off a bomb disguised as a holiday gift package loaded with candy and chocolates. When Ortiz’s 15 year-old son Ami plucked off a chocolate, it detonated a bomb powerful enough to blow out all the apartment’s windows apartment and to be heard a mile away.
The bomb was packed with nails, screws and needles. Doctors found over 100 pieces of metal embedded in the boy’s body by the blast, which sheared off the skin and muscle on his legs and chest. The teenager survived, but still faces six more operations of skin grafts and the removal of shrapnel from his eyes. Whoever did it, says Ortiz, knew “that we adults wouldn’t open up the Purim package — it would be the kids.”
Messianic Jews, as these Jews who believe in Jesus are called,number just a few in Israel — anywhere between 6,000 and 15,000 — but they provoke hatred all out of proportion to their meager numbers. Many orthodox Jews view them as traitors for joining the Christian faith, which for centuries has persecuted Jews. One Messianic Jew, Tzvi Sadan, a teacher and editor, recalls telling his father, a Holocaust survivor, that he had accepted Jesus as his savior. “My dad flipped out. He said that the SS guards in the camp had ‘God Is With Us’ written on their belts. He told me, ‘You’ve joined the enemy.’ But he calmed down a bit when he saw my prayer shawl.”
Some rabbis also view the Messianic Jews’ conversion as part of a grand Evangelical scheme to fulfill Biblical prophecy (which requires the conversion of the Jews) and hasten the Messiah’s arrival. Messianic Jews observe Judaism’s rites, holidays and customs but believe in Jesus as the Messiah.
But lately, the outrage among extremist orthodox Jews has spilled into violence. Even after the Ariel bombing it has continued. Last month, when the deputy mayor of Or Yehuda, a town near Tel Aviv, found out that Messianic Jews had been passing out copies of the New Testament to a community of poor Ethiopian Jews, he ordered the books to be collected and they were set alight in a bonfire. He later apologized and said the Bibles had been burned accidentally. “If somebody had done that in Europe to Jewish Torahs, you can image what sort of a reaction that would provoke here,” says Ortiz. To be fair, commentators and officials in Israel were quick to condemn the act, comparing it to the infamous book burning by Nazis.
Messianic Jews living in the Negev Desert also say they are routinely harassed and attacked by yeshiva students, some inspired by Yad L’achem, a religious organization dedicated to stamping out Christian missionary activities in Israel. Random acts of anti-Christian violence have also occurred: last October in Jerusalem, a church was fire-bombed, and several days after Christmas, a German pilgrim who was returning from Bethlehem carrying a large wooden cross was attacked by a gang of ultra-orthodox youths who smashed the cross into splinters. These are isolated attacks, and Christians living in Israel say that as long as they refrain from missionary work — prohibited by the Israeli government — they are left free to worship.
Israel finds itself in a predicament: it wants to welcome Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land out of goodwill and for tourism revenue, but it also wants to keep exuberant missionaries from trying to convert Jews. At the same time, news of these attacks — especially the Ariel bombing and the Bible-burning — has circulated widely among Christian churches around the world. “I’m getting calls from Norway,” says Leah Ortiz, “asking if Christians are being persecuted in Israel, and I say ‘No, of course not.’ What happened to our son, this isn’t religion. It’s insanity.”
So far, police have failed to make any arrests in the Ortiz bombing. But whoever assembled the bomb knew what he was doing and had access to plastic explosives, probably stolen from the Israeli military. “We’re afraid that whoever did this,” says Ortiz, “might try it again. With us, they crossed the line, and we’re afraid of it happening to someone else.”
Given the hardship Messianic Jews face in Israel and his son’s multiple injuries, would the Ortiz move his family back to Brooklyn? “No way,” Ortiz replies. “Jesus wasn’t born in Brooklyn. He was born here. We’re staying.”
With reporting by Aaron J. Klein/Jerusalem | Digg | Newsvine | NowPublic | reddit | Tailrank | Technorati |

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