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On: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 – By: Israel e News

Italian President, Mr. Giorgio Napolitano opened the prestigious Turin book fair Thursday amid opposition from Muslims and the Italian Left over the choice of Israel as the event’s guest of honor.
“No dialogue is possible if there is a refusal to recognize Israel,”

Napolitano said at
Israel‘s stand at the fair, the European Jewish Press reported.

Napolitano added that there can be no “rejection of the reasons for [
Israel‘s] birth or of its right to exist in peace and security.”

Like the
Paris book fair in March, the Turin fair is honoring the modern state of Israel on the 60th anniversary of its creation.

Israel‘s stand was swamped by hundreds of people, many draped in the Israeli flag, with one group holding a banner that read: “I feel Jewish today.”
The Turin fair, which is now in its 21st year, will be attended by some 1,400 publishers this year.
Neftasia Editore, a publishing company in Italy invited Muslim Zionist Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi to introduce to the public “Non Sono Colpevole” (I Am not Guilty), the first Italian book written by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, which includes his articles and well articles by other.

Bangladeshi Muslim Zionist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury faces sedition, treason and blasphemy charges for confronting radical Islam, for promoting interfaith understanding and for demanding relations between
Israel and Muslim nations. He is presently facing trial. According to Bangladesh law, sedition bears capital punishment.
Since Shoaib Choudhury was denied the right to participate at the fair [even to participate by sending an audio file!] Sheikh Palazzi introduced to the public at the Turin Fair the terming Shoaib as “man who is the hero of the Zionist Muslims and the hero of those who campaign in support of Israel.”
In his interview with reporter from Weekly Blitz, Sheikh Palazzi said, “I was glad to have an opportunity to say “Happy Birthday Israel” on her 60th Anniversary, and to say it in the name of Shoaib, too. The members of the Jewish Community of Turin and of the Italy-Israel Fellowship of Turin run to Neftasia’s stand to ask for copies of the book, which was sold not only at the Neftasia’s stand, but also at the Israelmain stand. They love Shoaib and pray for him.”

He said, “ Italy is changing for the best. Today even communists and former communists are running to say “we are as pro-Israeli as Berlusconi is”. The “Boycott Israel march” saw the participation of some hundreds of anti global youngsters, only. It was a total failure, and even those leftist politicians who in the past used to raise their voice to condemn Israel are now speaking to condemn the boycott.”
He further said, “Recent elections nullified the presence in our Parliament of the extreme leftist parties, and grant a victory to Berlusconi who said: ” Israel’s birthday is our birthday, too.” As a consequence, for the first time our new major Alemanno chose to raise the Israeli flag upon the Capitol.”
Eminent Muslim Zionist Palazzi further said, “The best satisfaction, however, was rising it in Turin, in front of the boycotters, and to do so in Shoaib’s name, too.” | Digg | Newsvine | NowPublic | reddit | Tailrank | Technorati |

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