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On: Sunday, May 11, 2008 – By: Israel e News

Last week calls by candidate Hillary Clinton to obliterate Iran for and on behalf of Israel and her willingness to commit to nuclear war causing the lives of hundreds of millions of people for and on behalf of a state that since its inception has been at war with all of its close and distant neighbor is a grave warning to Americans of the danger of Zionism on America and the world.
In few weeks President George Bush will lead a delegation of “Whose Who” in politics, government, business, media and arts and head east to Tel-Aviv to their “Mecca” to celebrate and give allegiance to the State of Israel on its 60th anniversary. Europeans will be celebrating for having gotten rid of the majority of Jews within Europe.
Since its inception in the late 18th century Europe, the Zionist movement worked so hard to transform All Jewish communities within the West in its own image and tried and have succeed to great extent to transform these US and European Jewry to loyal followers and Israeli loyalists resurrecting the feelings of alienations among world Jewry to there own countries and of course reigniting again the horrible seeds of Anti-Semitism. The measure of success of the Zionist enterprise is its ability to disfranchise old established Jewish communities in their native countries an countries of birth and citizenship and give them their “choice” of immigrating to Israel, the only place “where Jews can feel Jews”.
To this extend trillions of dollars of “Jewish” money and from citizens tax payers from around the world were committed to Israel building its new infrastructure based on defense, armament and Spartan siege mentality. Unlike the claims of Zionists of having making the desert bloom, Palestine was a thriving community with well know products around the world such as Jaffa Oranges. With Trillions of dollars pouring into Israel and with an already thriving Palestinian community, one can make the “moon bloom”. Hence the Zionist myth of making the “desert bloom” we did that in Arizona and we are not Zionists.
The Zionist ideology based on “Jewish Nationalism” fed on and in reaction to European and Western/Christian Anti-Semitism, Pogroms and the Holocaust, succeeds for the most part in converting and transforming Jewish loyalties to “their” Jewish state Israel and the Zionist movement. If the Catholic Church and Islam tried to convert and shift loyalties of community of believer and faithful from that of their national state to loyalty to Rome and Mecca, I am sure that Zionists will cry foul and will charge Rome and Mecca with inciting “treason” among citizens of the world. Zionism as a form of racism did succeed in making transformation of Judaism from a religion of faith to one “religious nationalism” with the Israel being the “nation” and central to Jewish life and succeeded in making the Jews feel the needs for “separate” and shifting loyalties from their native countries to that of Israel.
This new Zionist ideology is not different from that of the Communist ideology which demanded shifting of loyalties from ones country to that of the Soviet Union and Moscow. If Islamists are loyal to a foreign agenda could not been trusted or entrusted with the interests of the United States claims often raised by the likes of Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Charles Krauthhammer then the same can be said of Zionists within the United States, they too could not never be trusted with the interests of the United States since they too are loyal to a foreign agenda, Israel.
Not only did the Zionist movement demand Jewish loyalties to Zionism and Israel it also sought to recruit Christian Evangelical Movements and transformed them to Christian Zionists with shifting loyalties to Israel from than of their own country especially in the United States. This unholy alliance came about as an alliance between Israel’s Likud Party and Right Wing Republicans during the Reagan Administration where each was supporting the other for their own domestic and international agenda, especially in oppositions toward peace between Israel and the Arabs. Of course we all know the agenda of Evangelical Zionists which is the ultimate conversion of Jews or putting them to death in fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Such is the unholy alliance.
In the hey days of the Soviet Union, it succeeded to a limited extent in having a”fifth” column within the government of the United States. The Zionists went even further, they made sure that committed and loyal Zionists are in every branch of the US government and in key positions, in the White House, Justice Department, Home Land Security, State, Defense, CIA, NSC and other key security agencies, especially in US Congress where key decision makers, staffers are loyal Zionists. However it was not enough for the Zionists to have such a army of Israeli loyalists in the tens of thousands in government, it made sure that it also spread its tentacles to the media, art and culture and of course in business, hence the danger to Western democracies and to the world in general.
The arrest two week ago of the 84 years old American Jew, Ben-Ami Kadish on charges of spying for Israel is but a tip of the iceberg where committed Zionists with loyalties to Zionism and Israel are in the tens of thousands within the different branches of government especially the State and other security agencies, with many security agencies employing dual nationals (Israelis and US) and employing former members of Mossad in key positions with US security agencies. Hence the danger that Hillary Clinton or George Bush or John McCain or Barack Obama do not realize yet!
This commitment and loyalty to Israel was and is the driving force behind many the very dangerous acts and decisions taken by officials within the different US administration and even within the public sectors. The Ben-Ami Kadish case is but on case, to be added to the Pollard case and many other cases the government simply refuse to bring out to the open.
One has to keep in mind the many incidents where Zionists put the interests of Israel first. The case of the missing/stolen 100 kilogram of uranium 235 missing from the Apollo plant in Pennsylvania is but one of those incidents where the managing director of the plants having strong ties to Israel. The same is true of the case the missing nine kilogram of weapon grade uranium found missing from Erwin, Tennessee. The case of the missing two tons of uranium missing during a trip between Antwerp to Genoa but an added storey to Zionists loyalty to Israel where the owner of the ship was identified by the Norwegian as an Israeli secret agent.
In the United States, the Zionists tentacles are found every where. Lyndon Johnson as president under the influence of his “Zionist “ national security advisor Walter Rastow made sure that nuclear capabilities of the F-4 Phantoms delivered to Israel where left intact in violation of the US export regulation, even refusing to fully investigate the case of the missing nuclear fuel from the Apollo Plant.
More dangerous was Johnson total disregards of the lives of US sailors killed in cold blood by Israeli jets and torpedo boats on the USS Liberty with Johnson Jewish national security agency director snuffing out any resolutions and finding Israel responsible for the cold blooded murder. Admiral McCain (father of John McCain) as Commander of US Sixth Fleet denied help to the attacked ship and its dead and injured crew on orders from the Zionists within the White House. In the 73 War, Kissinger a die hard Zionists almost caused a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union in his attempt to save Israel in the first few days of the October War, stripping the US army of its tanks and missiles in Europe and flying military equipment directly to the battle field in an added attempt to save Israel while putting the US and its armed forces in Europe at risk. However Kissinger committed to Israel did not stop here. He made sure he got rid of all “Arabists” within the State Department for fear that they may be hostile to Israel. Kissinger decisions again, where based on his Zionist ideology and not based on the US national security interest.
Zionists with the State and Defense Departments where the driving force behind Cheney-Bush War on Iraq. It is their Zionism and loyalty to Israel, that was the driving force for getting the US committed to war. Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perl, Douglas Feith, Elliot Abrams and William Kristol are all Zionists with loyalties to the Zionist agenda and Israel, are fully responsible for the death of more than 4,000 US soldiers, responsible for the more than 40,000 combat injuries, more than a million Iraqis dead and of course the more than $ 600,000 Billions the cost so far, of the War on Iraq. All of that for and on behalf of Israel. These Zionists and their loyalties to Israel as similar to Communists and their loyalties to Moscow. However the George Bush administration is not the only administration to put Zionists in charge of the US policies in the Middle East. Bill Clinton entrusted US policies in the Middle East to key staffer who came directly from Israeli/Zionist work shop. Dennis Ross and Martin Indyke where and are committed Zionists and Israeli loyalists.
In the old days when the US was very leery of having “Communists” in key positions, the US should be worried now with having “Zionists” in key positions in government where loyalty to ideology and Zionist cause are overpowering and can put the true interest of the US at greater risk. Having Zionists formulating decisions and implementing policies for the United States in the Middle East is no less dangerous than having “Communists” formulating decisions and implementing US policies toward the old Soviet Union. Perhaps Presidential candidates John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should think twice before making loyalty to Israel and Zionism the central theme of their presidential campaign.
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