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Israel e News is an online pro-Israel daily news magazine, which made it's debut in December 2007. Published in Israel and Europe, Israel e News, aims to bring you the latest news from Israel. We hope to include a Hebrew section in the near future.

non partisan

Updated regularly, we present the latest news from Israel and around the world, opinions, editorials, and features. Israel e News publishes a diverse selection of opinions and the bias of our op-ed contributors range from the far right of the political spectrum, to the extreme left. Despite our pro-Israel stance critical voices are welcomed, and we have often published news articles and opinions we wholly disagree with.

Each article has a talkback where readers have the opportunity to add their own feedback and comments.  A simple registration is required, to become a talkback member.

readers stories

Israel e News' channels include the Readers Stories channel which has a relaxed, uncensored, and informal atmosphere. In this channel, readers can anonymously fill in a simple form and submit an essay about their own experiences in life. Others can then add comments once the submission is published.  A fun, easy and anonymous way to share humour, a story, or unusual experience and see what others have to say about it.


Readers are welcome to join the Israel e News Forum where forum members can meet and start their own discussions on any subject.

The forum and talkback memberships are separate, even though you may choose to register using the same username and password.


Are you a talented writer?

Israel e News is always interested in hearing from journalists, and writers who may like to have their articles published here. Previously unpublished writers are welcome to make contact too.  For more information please see:
Israel e News alerts: Journalists and talented writers are welcome to submit their articles for publication or contact Bosemet (Editor)

The opinions and views which are published do not necessarily reflect those of Israel e News.

If you would like to support us, by making a donation please click here or contact us if you want to help us in any other way.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this, and welcome you to Israel e News. Please feel free to become a talkback member, join the forum, and make Israel e News a lively and fun place for Zionists worldwide to meet and interact.

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Publisher: Sam A. Rakov


Editor: Bosemet Mazel


Readers Stories Editor: Mikhail Abrams
Moderator: Israel e News Forum









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